How to Find Inspiration?

Inspiration often gets confused with creativity and motivation. The latter revolves around the state of mind to complete physical actions to achieve a goal. On the other hand, creativity derives from inspired insight is also the act of creating with motivation.

These three states need each other to evolve. Inspiration is the foundation and how creativity and motivation are born. However, the difference is it comes solely from inside of you.

For artists, writers and other creatives, capturing inspiration is often the biggest challenge. Those that have experienced writer's block will agree that this first hurdle can be infuriating to overcome. If you've found yourself growing waiting for inspiration to hit, continue reading.

In this article, we'll explore how to find inspiration and discuss how to prepare your mind, as well as proactive techniques to acquire it.

Ready Your Mind to Be Inspired

You must make sure you're getting enough rest. You should also allow your body to wake up naturally to avoid disruption of REM sleep.

REM occurs just before waking. It's proven that rising after this cycle allows you to feel refreshed, alert and perform tasks better. It's also associated with dreaming, which is crucial for several reasons. For instance, dreams help us to process emotions, assimilate experiences and enhance our creativity.

Many great historical works have been inspired by dreams such as Edgar Allen Poe's short stories and poems.

Another vital thing to consider when attempting to allow inspiration in is ridding your life of distractions. Take a break from social media, empty your diary and create capacity in your mind for new ideas.

Many people will often try to force inspiration, but this will have the opposite effect. Try to relax by doing things you enjoy. If you find yourself overthinking, practice meditation or yoga to calm your thoughts.

Be Proactive in Searching for Inspiration

Inspiration won't just hit you if you're sitting idly at home. There are many things you could do to try and stir it up without forcing it. For example, getting out in nature can be very inspirational.

Go for a walk, take pictures of things you find beautiful and appreciate what's around you. Alternatively, you can watch your children or pets. Take with you their playfulness, innate behaviours and purity.

You can also find inspiration from others. Watching Ted Talks or reading blogs may help you see the world differently. Speaking with loved ones or strangers is also useful in helping you learn about what inspires different people.

You can find inspiration within yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Try something new and revel in the feeling. You should also make time to reflect on your achievements, your past works and your strengths.

Lastly, sing loud and proud. Releasing your feelings through music will help you clear your head for a moment and process pent up emotions.

To Conclude

It's hard not to think about the blocking of creative energy, but you have to try to relax. You can go for a walk or do something you find fun, like reading, running, or playing slots in an online casino. You never know, the activity you enjoy to clear your mind could hold the key to the inspiration you're looking for.

7 Dec 2020